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I’ve been shooting college graduates in Florida since 2015, and every semester I meet so many amazing seniors who bring undoubtedly exciting energy, and it never gets old for me. If you’ve found this page, more than likely you’re either a soon-to-be graduate or parent of one looking to book a session soon, so please take your time to look over this page to view my work and the packages I offer.

Senior Photo Gallery




Unlimited high-quality, edited photos

Unlimited locations

Two outfits

1-hour-maximum session

Online, shareable photo album for 30 days w/ digital delivery



25 high-quality, edited photos

Five locations max

Two outfits

1-hour-maximum session

Online, shareable photo album for 30 days w/ digital delivery



15 high-quality, edited photos

Five locations max

One outfit

45-minute session

Digital photo delivery



***PLEASE READ: All bookings require a 50% down payment to finalize***



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my friends & family along to my grad photo session?

The more, the merrier! Just let me know who all will be joining, and please make them aware that no "backseat driving" is allowed while we're shooting  ;-)

What kind of props should I bring for my session?

A bottle of champagne and CHUNKY(about the size of a penny) confetti are always great items to bring. However, I will say that confetti poppers/cannons make for better photos.

Additionally, feel free to bring something sentimental or funny that you'd like to have photos with like a Spirit Splash duck, or even a floatie.

What should I wear to the session?

For gals: A white dress always looks good in photos, looks sophisticated and creates a lovely contrast, but if you're a colorful person like me, by all means rock those colors! Additionally, you might want to bring a pair of flip-flops/flats that you can slide into.

For dudes: Business-casual never fails! However, if you're going to go full casual, I'd suggest a UCF/Knights shirt with jeans. 

Will I need my cap & gown for my grad photos?

If you bring anything at all please make sure to bring your cap!

As for the gown, here's the deal: they're not very flattering, and with the Florida heat they just turn into your own portable sauna. I typically only shoot with the full cap & gown outfit one or two photos, and then we just stick with the cap, so it's up to you if you'd like to bring both with you!

Do you offer group packages/rates for grad photo sessions?

Yes! For groups of at least three graduates, I offer group package rates. If you're interested in booking a group session or inquiring about group rates, please make a note in the submission form.

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